DECEMBER 8: Love is determined.

We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father full of grace and truth.*

If Jesus is the best impression we can have of God and God’s perfect love, God’s love for you must be full of truth.

Jesus wasn’t just coldly honest with people.

You smell.

You need a haircut.

I wish you’d stop talking for a second.

However, Jesus had a bold transparency that wanted to set things right. He revealed ideas about what should be—not in efforts to choose sides (he never seemed concerned about gaining a constituency), but to call everyone forward.

Truth is the determined part of love.

It has a vision. It has a restless energy to move toward that vision. It desires something more for the object of its love.

If God’s love is perfectly seen through Jesus, God’s love will often shake people up—even catching them off-guard. It might analogous to modern-day interventions. The people who love an addict most, the people being damaged most (outside of the addict), organize a surprise conversation where the addict hears them tell the truth about their addiction—because of love.

Truth is the determined part of love.

When Jesus confronted the rich young leader who got all his value from what he had, when he dismantled the arguments of religious people who believed God only loved them if they kept the rules, it felt like He was taking away their lives. But He was trying to free them.

If you are not being confronted by what could be in your life—or what should be in your life—then you are not being loved completely. If you want to receive love from God and from others today, acquire an appetite for input, for challenges, for mentoring, for coaching—not the voices that seek to tear you down, but the ones that seek to build you up.



“God, you will not lie to me. You love me too much. You will not hide from me if I seek You. You love me too much. I seldom want to hear the truth when it will challenge my comfort, pride or routine. But I want to be loved more by You today. May I open up to your voice and seek to follow it.”

*John’s biography of Jesus, chapter 1, verse 14, emphasis mine


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