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Executive Coach, Author, Speaker

Liberating Potential

Joseph King Barkley is a Los Angeles-based leader and coach who has been married to Katie for over 20 years. Their most important and exciting work is raising their two daughters, Tessa and Marlow.


Joseph is a former television and film songwriter who became a nonprofit and for-profit entrepreneur. He now dedicates his professional energy to helping accomplished individuals and teams who long for more discover what they are capable of and generate the clarity and courage to experience it.


Some professional highlights:

  • Successful independent musician, at one point playing over 250 dates a year

  • Wrote songs for many hit TV shows including Grey's Anatomy, 20/20, General Hospital, One Life to Live

  • Successfully grew a nonprofit from serving 200 to 1000, $20,000/year to $1.3 million per/year in a matter of 2 years

  • Successfully launched and grew a nonprofit in Los Angeles from serving 9 to over 1000, $1.1 million in donations per year in 5 years

  • Spoken in platforms as big as 22,000 people

  • Grew his YouTube Channel to 18,000 weekly visits

  • Author of 3 books and over 100 published songs


Proven experience in…

  • World-class motivational band persuasive speaking

  • Casting vision

  • Assessments, self-awareness work

  • Transitions, discernment, change management

  • Building teams (hiring and firing expertise)

  • Crafting genuine, useful cultural statements (vision, values, virtues)

  • Leadership development

  • Speaking development

  • Strategic planning

  • Promotions

  • Fundraising

  • Entrepreneurship

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