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Keynote Speaking

Joseph would love to talk with you and determine how he can creatively and powerfully serve your objectives.

To make the decision simpler, Joseph has also created 4, powerful keynote speeches that have proven results. These talks are not available online, but can be effectively delivered live or in a virtual context.



How to end confusion, spark passion, and be miles ahead of the competition

We've all heard the phrase "Ready, Aim, Fire!" in military movies. Unfortunately, that's how most people on your team are approaching their lives and work. I'll keep myself busy, go to the conventions, read the occasional book, listen to some podcasts in hopes of getting traction. There's a better way that saves so much time and money (and keeps good people longer). If we decide to be a culture of Aim, Ready, Fire; we will know where we're going, what we'll need to get there, and how we know we've succeeded.

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How to end confusion, spark passion, and be miles ahead of the competition

Frustration and regret come from one place: outcomes not matching expectations. A lot of leaders, managers, teams—a lot of your potential clients and customers!—have no shortage of wants. The question becomes, "What will we do to get more of what we want?" This talk creates an exciting and simple way to "run experiments", build incredible confidence, and see results. It's the only way to live and work without regret.



Why succeeding is the best time to innovate and reinvent.

Forget the 15 minutes of fame. You want to achieve success and sustain it. Learn how to identify when "too much of a good thing" threatens to intoxicate your company or industry and how to know precisely when to launch a new chapter or idea. It will help you stay in the front of the pack as the world continues to shift around you.

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Creating a culture of sustained progress and joy in the workplace.

Joseph was working so hard during one season of his life that it landed him in the hospital on a date night! Since then, he's learned how to allocate his energy and talents in ways that give him boundless energy, focus, and huge dividends. It's not only what we want as leaders, it's the culture we want to create. This will make work life-giving and the workplace magnetic to the best candidates.

5 Key Takeaways Your People Will Have After Joseph Speaks to Them:

  • We can absolutely love what we're doing

  • We don't need to wait any longer to make a    huge difference.

  • We have so much potential.

  • Our feelings matter. Our actions matter more.

  • We can do this!

Let's talk about it!

Thank you for your interest! We will be in touch soon.


“Joseph King Barkley is one the best communicators in the world. He is strikingly clear, compelling and authentic and is able to deliver timeless wisdom and cutting edge concepts in a way that goes way beyond just information, but transcends into a life-changing experience."

Jason Jaggard, Founding Partner Novus Global, Author, Coach & Speaker

“I have known Joseph for over 10 years, and I am thankful that I’ve spent quality time with him. I appreciate his listening skills, but also his wisdom and insight into challenging and complex life issues. Joseph is solution oriented and is committed to helping find positive results. He is a genuine difference-maker."

Kevin Malone, Former GM of L.A. Dodgers, CEO/Co-Founder US Institute Against Human Trafficking

"Every time I hear Joseph speak, I learn something. I find myself thinking in new ways. I'm inspired to be a better person. Every time. This dude has a gift."

Janet Batchler - Screenwriter, USC School of Cinematic Arts professor

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