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Just a few years ago, Joseph King Barkley's dream to succeed at all costs almost came true. His marriage was faltering, he barely saw his kids, and he landed himself in the hospital with adrenal fatigue.


Something had to change.

Thankfully, something did.


That's why Joseph has dedicated his professional energies to leading people beyond high performance. These ideas have quite literally changed his own life.


Joseph is a dynamic, Los Angeles-based keynote speaker, executive coach, and author of 3 books. He's been married to Katie for over 20 years and gets to be Dad to 2 daughters.

His diverse background as a former television and film songwriter, entrepreneur, and non-profit leader uniquely positions him as a seasoned expert in motivating and guiding individuals and teams towards their full potential.


Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is an expert communicator who has spoken internationally to audiences as large as 22,000. His keynotes seamlessly blend humor and authentic persuasion, offering insights into vision casting, self-awareness, and navigating change with courage and discernment.


But the critical elements that Joseph must bring with every talk he delivers are the Meta Performance™ principles that have made all the difference in his own life—so every person and every team increases the chances that they can burn brightly without burning out.

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