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Don't waste your "want".

This mindset will radically change your life.

You're probably not new to goal-setting, vision-casting, resolution-making. You've accomplished some and been proud. You've lost track of some and felt regret.

Why is it that, by some estimations, only about 8% of people achieve what they want? What do they know—what do they have!—that the other 92% of us don't?

Do they have more of a head-start?

Do they have more resources?

Do they have better ideas?

Maybe some of us are just awful at setting goals, but I don't think so.

I think the difference between

goal-crushing joy

and soul-crushing regret

all comes down to one factor.

that, right at the outset, tells me if you're in the 8% or not.

There are 3 different ways people approach their lives.

2 fall in the 92% ("regretters").

1 lands you in the 8% ("progressors").

Right now, you’re preparing to attack this season of your with one of these 3 approaches:

1. Some people are wasting their lives.

This is probably not you (especially if you're reading about achieving goals!).

These are the people in your radius who don’t have any sense of vision for their lives, friendships, their marriages, their kids, careers, or their spiritual selves.

They’ve chosen (and they won’t necessarily say this or even know it) but they’ve chosen to be a victim of their emotions and their circumstances.

2. Some people spend their lives wanting.

  • We want rich, meaningful lives.

  • We want faith that fuels and focuses us.

  • We want to have financial freedom.

  • We want our lives to matter for something.

  • We want to lose 14 pounds.

  • We want to meet “the one”.

People living life here (and maybe this is you—it's certainly me from time to time) are people who have no problem picturing how they want life to be. However, month after month, year after year, many of us endure regret and disappointment—wondering why there’s still so much distance between where we are and what we want.

Many of us endure regret and disappointment—wondering why there’s still so much distance between where we are and what we want.

3. 8% are willing.

I'm going to be very, very honest with you. Most people I encounter in my practice who are wasting their lives aren’t pretending to be willing.

But most people I encounter who are wanting their lives to change believe they are also willing…but they’re really…not.

And here’s how you can tell…

  • Undoubtedly, you want to grow, heal, progress. Be proud of that! You already have a huge advantage.

  • Now, ask yourself, "I want. What will I do about it?"

I don't mean to say your plans are going to be 100% effective. Of course not. But your future is built on choices.

There's no way around this: the life that will do something stands a far better chance of feeling accomplishment and fulfillment than the life that simply wants something to change. "Will" beats "Want" every. time.

"Will" beats "Want" every. time.

This is the mark of a life that will change. It's the life that says, "I will take that step. I will start that habit. I will say “no”. I will say “yes”. I will take that risk.

"Why? Because I’m not just wanting my life to improve. I’m willing to see it through."

No one has ever coasted into their full potential. You choose it.

TAKE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Leave a comment with one, new thing you will do to run for the future you want.

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