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Happy New Year and Good Riddance, amirite?

January 1 always promises, if only superstitiously, that "old is gone, new has come" in some unique way. With the year we've all just had, that feeling/expectation/optimism is as strong as ever.

Of course we want 2021 to be better!

2020 has been one of the most jarring years in memory.

But there's only one concept that raises my expectations.

The strength of my inner world is the greatest asset I have to face the challenges of my outer world.

2020 has only proven the credibility of this idea.

We owe it to ourselves to remember...

  • 2020 is not the worst it's ever been (it's not even a contender),

  • 2020 could've been worse,

  • and we will most certainly face more storms ahead.

The last 12 months have been anywhere from inconvenient to catastrophic for you.

Your experience was largely dependent upon the position you were already in when the year started (some by providence, much by choice)

and the decisions you made during the pain.

  • Some hit chaos and chose to make a plan.

  • Some hit surprises and chose to seek wisdom.

  • Some hit tragedy and chose despair.

  • Some hit pain and chose blame.

  • Some hit instability and chose to abandon great habits.

  • Some allowed their faith to define their moment.

  • Some allowed their moment to define their faith.

What did you choose?

I wish you a very Happy New Year, but also invite you to pause and deeply reflect on how you can choose to become a person more full of faith, strength, courage and focus this year-regardless of what it throws at you.

2020 doesn't have to be something you survived. 2020 could be a year which prompted us to return to or re-establish our core convictions and values. 2020 could be a year when we decided to work, live and relate to each other differently.

I want you to look back and think, "I didn't endure 2020. It was the year in which my future was born."

If we will do that, if we will shore up the strength God wants to build in us for an unknown future, this can truly be a Happy New Year.

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