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Will > Want Teaching Series

  • Everyone struggles to know how to make great strides in their life. Whether it’s spiritual, financial, physical, or relational progress, we all start a new year with the desire to grow. That desire often disintegrates into a regret as we march through the next few months only to end up in the same place or, sometimes, behind where we started. So, how can this year be different?


    These manuscripts are designed for you to take your church through a series dedicated to making it happen—not just dreaming big, but living stronger, living freer, living healthier in all the key areas of life.


    Get all 5 manuscripts in pdf and Word file (.docx) delivered directly to your email, plus a bonus message on evangelism, 5-weeks of journal prompts (in pdf and Word file (.docx), and a *FREE* copy of Will > Want: How Desires Become Destinies

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